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The Traveling Bard Frog Tote (Pre-order)

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You asked and we heard you - one of our all-time favorite designs is coming to a tote bag!

This tote is a growing, changing part of our Full Cupboard Winter Restock Challenge. Each Friday, we'll add a little something to the design or reveal a fun feature of this tote bag.

You can pre-order this tote on its own, or get it as a free gift when you collect every limited edition pin in our 7-week Full Cupboard Challenge. (Totes are estimated to ship March 2023.)

Screen printed on sturdy cotton canvas and proudly made in the USA, this tote is sure to be the one you grab on your way out the door.

Featuring original artwork to delight nature lovers, amphibian enthusiasts, mushroom hunters, and musicians alike, this bag is equipped with a super sturdy handle.

Dimensions: 13″ wide x 14″ high x 3″ gusset. 25" spun poly handles.


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