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July 2023 Bug Box (Spanish Moon Moth)

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You might expect an insect this large and showy to stand out, but the Spanish moon moth is rarely spotted in the wild. The wingspan of an adult can measure about 2.4-4 inches  (6-10 centimeters), but its contrasting colors help it blend in with pine trees.

Caterpillars feast on pine needles exclusively in the mountain forests of France and Spain. Like other lunar moths, adults do not feed but spend their short time in search of mates. This moth is cherished and protected by law in its native range.

Each July deluxe box contains:
  • Male moth pin
  • Male moth iron-on patch
  • Caterpillars & moths sticker sheet
  • Female moth pin
  • Male moth sticker
  • Fact magnet
  • Glow-in-the-dark embroidered bucket hat (one size, fits like S/M)
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