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Infinity Pins

Unnumbered pins, ready for their forever homes.

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A blue, silver, and white enamel pin of a salt shaker that says "DIE MAD" on its side, sitting in a pile of salt.Die Mad Salt Shaker Enamel Pin
Vermin Supreme Enamel PinAn enamel pin resembling Vermin Supreme, the bearded man with a boot on his head.
Vermin Supreme Enamel Pin Sale price$15.00
Sold outAn enamel pin set of a green luna moth and the moon, connected by a silver chain.Moth and moon pins glowing green in dimmed light.
Sold outAn enamel pin in the shape of a white and red birthday cake, with faux icing text that says "Happy Birthday Loser". This image was featured in many viral articles."Happy Birthday Loser" Cake Pin by The Roving House
Cat and Rose Vase Enamel Pins
A pin set featuring a fat grey cat on her back, a dangling cat toy, and a tin of glitter catnip.
Sad Sales Squirted Couch Pin by The Roving HouseA customer's display of the couch pin on a hand-drawn background.
The Roving House Silver Snail Pin by The Roving HouseA silver, rectangular metal pin of a snail carrying a bindle. Behind him is the text "The Roving House".
Sold outAn enamel pin in the shape of a hammer, with "BAN ME, DADDY" written on the handle.
Ban Me Daddy Hammer Pin Sale price$10.00
Sold outAn enamel pin of a red heart with the text "tmi" written inside it.The "tmi" heart pin on its unique backer card, so that it resembles a heart tattoo on a woman's buttock.
TMI Heart Pin Sale price$11.00
Sold outAn enamel pin featuring the bust of a topless, blue haired woman wearing green dollar sign pasties. Below her is a banner that says "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY".