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New from The Roving House

We're always coming up with new creations as we draw inspiration from the natural world and pop culture. Check back every Friday at noon Eastern Time, when we add the latest to the shop.

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Hotline Betty Beach Bag by The Roving House
Hotline Betty Beach Bag Sale price$25.00
A vinyl sticker of a red Christmas island crab holding a metallic silver smartphone, with a surprised expression.
Crab Chat Sticker Sale price$5.00
A glitter vinyl sticker featuring the head of a snarling orange tiger, surrounded by a black and white banner that says "STAY 6' - 10' Away From Me".
A sticker of a nude fairy with light brown skin and a slightly haughty expression, sitting down and looking back over her shoulder. She has red lips, red, yellow, and orange hair, and the yellow, orange, and grey wings of a Citheronia regalis moth. Her wings, hair, and lips glitter.
"Wash Your Fucking Hands" Sticker
A holographic sticker of a black and white hummingbird skull sipping from pink and purple blossoms.
A vinyl sticker of a unicorn skull with a holographic rainbow swirled horn. The skull is glowing in dimmed light.
Roving House Snail Tote Bag
A grey sticker sheet of eight white, yellow, and blue mayonnaise jars that read "HELL NO" "REAL MESSY".A stack of sticker sheets of eight white, yellow, and blue mayonnaise jars that read "HELL NO" "REAL MESSY".
A small black and white sticker sheet of 6 talk bubbles that say "NICE."
"Nice" Sticker Sheet Sale price$3.00
A hot pink and black matte vinyl sticker in the shape of a human brain. Upon closer inspection, the lines of the brain resemble a sleeping cat.
Cat Brain Vinyl Sticker Sale price$3.00
A brown, orange, black, grey, and white sticker of a robin moth (Hyalophora cecropia).
Robin Moth Sticker Sale price$5.00
A red, white, green, and black sticker candy cane sharpened at one end, surrounded by a green banner that reads "DON'T FUCK WITH THE HOLIDAYS".
A vinyl sticker of a black woman Santa, dressed in red and white with black high heel boots, waving with a smile. Her gold-colored bag reads "DIE MAD".
Lady Santa Claus Sticker Sale price$4.00
A black and white woven patch of a snail carrying a bindle. Behind him is the text "The Roving House".
A brown and gold sticker design resembling a rolled up hedgehog. Within the hedgehog's spines are the words "NOBODY LIKES A RACIST PRICK".
A vinyl blue, white, and grey sticker of a salt shaker with "DIE MAD" written on the side.
Clown Skull Vinyl Sticker
A pin set featuring a fat grey cat on her back, a dangling cat toy, and a tin of glitter catnip.
A black sticker sheet of 8 white, yellow, and orange candy corns that read "FIGHT ME".
The Roving House Silver Snail Pin by The Roving HouseA silver, rectangular metal pin of a snail carrying a bindle. Behind him is the text "The Roving House".
A matte vinyl sticker of a black femme mermaid with purple hair. She has a tattoo on her fish-butt that says "DIE MAD".
Die Mad Mermaid Sticker Sale price$5.00
Sad Sales Squirted Couch Pin by The Roving HouseA customer's display of the couch pin on a hand-drawn background.
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $5.00
A sticker featuring a red circle and slash over a tan pyramid, which reads "MLM".
"No MLMs" Vinyl Sticker Sale price$4.00
A vinyl sticker on a laptop of a bright yellow schoolbus. The side of the bus reads "IT'S FOR CHURCH, SWEETIE" and it has a red stop sign that says "NEXT!!"
Cat and Rose Vase Enamel Pins
A blue, silver, and white enamel pin of a salt shaker that says "DIE MAD" on its side, sitting in a pile of salt.Die Mad Salt Shaker Enamel Pin
Vermin Supreme Enamel PinAn enamel pin resembling Vermin Supreme, the bearded man with a boot on his head.
Vermin Supreme Enamel Pin Sale price$15.00