Waxcap Mushroom Nymph LE Pin

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Don't be shy - go exploring with our waxcap mushroom nymphs. Inspired by the real-life colorful fungi, these pins are ready to be bold on your board, backpack, or jacket.

Hard enamel, black nickel. Approximately 1.25" tall. Double posted. Each colorway comes in a numbered, limited edition of 33. Full sets come tucked inside a keepsake jewelry box; individual pins come carded on our recycled cotton backers.

Colorway info:

  • Scarlet: red + glitter, yellow + glow
  • Pink: bright pink + glitter, pale lilac + glow
  • Violet: bright purple + glitter, pale violet + glow
  • Blue: bright pastel blue + glow, pale violet + glitter
  • Parrot: green and yellow + glow

Drop date: Friday, May 6.

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