Flammarion Engraving T-shirt

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Look upwards, look inwards... look at you in this iconic shirt.

Originally found in the 1988 encyclopedia L'atmosphère : météorologie populaire by Camille Flammarion, this piece has been pondered through the ages. The artist's identity is lost in time, so the piece is named after the book's author. In its bold and highly stylized lines, scientists and mystics alike see humankind's endless search for meaning, and yearn for the subject's "Eureka!" moment, where the true machinations of the universe are revealed.

Being in the public domain, this work has been printed many times, often with an artist's own visions of dazzling color. But we love the stark, bold contrasts of wood engravings, and are passing that original look along to you on a super-soft unisex tee with the soft tone of old book pages.

100% cotton shirts with a slim, modern fit.

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