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An Occupier lays on life support tonight.

Michael “Chief” Mooney was well known and liked around the Occupy Boston camp before it was evicted, as his tall humbling gait and gentle demeanor helped to diffuse tense situations.

Chief was found laying in hypothermic conditions a few nights ago, discovered after suffering either a seizure or heart attack, I was told last night by Medic Bill, who was contacted by the hospital because he was saved in Mike’s phone as Dad,…

He laid on the dark and cold city streets for several hours after the incident struck him,…

There was a juxtaposition which I often posited on people at Dewey Square, even in relation to Chief, which was, that society had commodified everything and us all to the point where even empathy, in that, if a person were to fall on the street amongst the general hustle and apathy of the city, he could lay for hours, or all day, before someone paid to care for his situation were eventually dispatched; at least here,.. I would say,… in Dewey Sq, if a person were to fall, they would at the very least be picked up and brought to the medical tent immediately if someone wasn’t flying down on foot already.

It was no mystery that Chief had medical issues, but at Dewey, when those issues presented problems, at least he had his friends around to care for him, immediately.

I know that friends are on their way over to his side now, and have been visiting since a few fellow occupiers had been informed.

But tonight, keep Chief, along with everyone in the cold, occupied warmly in your heart and thoughts, and let us forget not, how far off any amongst us could be from cold or want of suitable food or housing.

Sorry the world is so sad and cruel, friend.

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  1. Theresa says:

    Thank you for writing this

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