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December 17th. 2011

As I sit, pacing for hours, anxious, should have hopped on a bus to Boston,… word that the people are soon making an attempt to take Duarte park in New York City, and that the police are defending it… As I hear that the Egyptian military has began shooting it’s civilians. I feel. I feel that tug at my throat and eyes; that welshrat pang of dread,…and hope, for in all living despair lays dormant a cruel kernel of hope for something different. Cruel in the sense that in the interim it allows for all the same old fears to remain,… that the public body will continue to ignore state issued and instigated violence against it’s citizens, never to question the corporate noose cast about it’s neck,…agonizing at times and transcendent in others, hope always lays static, a romantic notion that societies will wake up, cast off the corporate chains, to reclaim the zeitgeist, the spirit of the age; awoken from within, an intentional and carefully considered contumacious resistance to perceived tyranny, unjustified power, realize that it has already won in this struggle; if it, the public body, so chooses,…Based innately in the sheer power of number, and the strength of peace as a tactic; if the lowest up to the middle chose to pull themselves up simultaneously while the highest on the ladder overcame prejudice and sought to utilize privilege, together, in one surge of momentum the people could be one, all systems of caste completely abandoned. Oh, here he goes again,….

To divorce the forced relationship between human movement and money.

When you pass that building next, the one long fallen into the decay of time, ask yourself, why did it get like that?,… and, what could it be. If the people got together, those with money provided supplies, and all those with muscle provided ability; what could all this space look like.

That park, that place, full of food and music? Accessible, to everyone. For whatever they, we devise. Cognitive and tangible, tactical liberties. To buy, sell, or trade with my foe, friend, or neighbor as freely and conveniently as to currently hit the 7-11. Maybe if we ate far more of what our neighbors made the world would have less cancer.

When we drop the notion, it is ok to hold, like playing cards which lay hidden in the hand, under utilized areas, properties, namely, the detriment of the herd, the whole world gets a lot bigger. More room to bounce ideas off your fellow human. Less likely kids can just kick rocks down dead end streets as the only option, all day,…when we unleash the potential hidden in the back of everyones mind, one brick by small notion at a time.

Community centers in abandoned WalMarts, old court houses into libraries. Our jails more like hospital universities; society a much nicer place than it currently is, so that it would still be considered unfortunate to have to go there.

I want to play with what it means to realize we have already won. The dirty word, socialism, I feel all of the necessaries for it exists within the base frame of our current capitalism. The problem, lay in that the free market, or capitalism, yolks individuals in its all inclusivity and perverts human nature. To the point, if a person who architects a system, or business, say, a bookstore, wasn’t to hire out the time and labor of other individuals, it would currently be considered committing a grave economic flaw. There are exceptions, and those I am championing.

Follow that?I feel The current mean model of economic subordination operates somewhere between slavery and the illusion of free will.

Where as, in reality, if persons get together and agree to open, again, say a space for use as a bookstore, collectively, they could all agreed to pay each other equally. Or wilder, perhaps the store could exist voluntarily and it could seek to loan out it’s material; who wouldn’t appreciate a tool library in their town?

We need not wait until the government mandates we act fairly with each other. We simply have to network, agree to shop at business owned by those who deal equitably. These could be as simple as 99% approved stickers on business windows. All over town, the nation, the world, noting on the door, if this or that business practices fair trade. If they are decent to their customers, maybe chooses to forgo using animal products when possible, slave labor, sweatshops, or any other type of practices deemed unethical.

If we began to buy blight property all over this nation, we could rebuild and repurpose the nation ourselves; establishing wealth and equity in credit unions while doing so, as well.

We will need to campaign for our cause, to teach, more succinctly. To rove the countryside and the world in diesel buses, converted into vegetable oil; carting food, books, people, supplies, message, art, music, life, from town to town, city to city, state to state.

Into the state forests, with reclaimed, repurchased, surplus tenting, which our government once used to occupy other nations. Intentionally. Protesting in the city, gathering in the forest. On farms, growing our own sustenance, or finding where it grows wild across the land.

Once we occupy our minds the surface of everything begins to change. Once we see a possibility, if we allow for the play of ideas to spill over into real life; to imbue the certainty of everyday surface value with the more fanciful notion of potential.

Not only to see things for what they are, but also for what they could be.

Every citizen, with a window.
Or at the very least some shelter from the rain.
No matter how down.

For,… alas, maybe this movement may have sparked the true international citizen. Awoken the ineffectual. An intentional subculture; based in life,and consensus, completely, intentionally; internationally, in solidarity with everyone involved in the struggle, of life; I heard it once said,
“We are all oppressed and that is what unites us.”

Let it all be free;you, me, time, clean earth,sky, water, sun; for everyone.

John Ford


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