Mic Check,… Report from Wall Street.

I spent some time in wall street the beginning of this week and was uplifted by what I saw.

We have all heard the complaints at this point, that it is a bunch of crust punk neo liberal unwashed anarchist hippies which have deiced to occupy Wall Street,… and may us all thank the blessed lot of them.

What I found was a group of smart, angry, young, old,resourceful, poor, rich, celebrity, nameless traveler, student, organizer, activists.

People are being fed. Showers are being offered to occupiers on a scheduled basis. Trash is being cleaned up. Drink and drug use in being internally policed through discussion and dialog, and groups such as out reach, arts and culture, press, food, sanitation, comfort, and others are forming to take care of the movements, as well as its involved individuals needs.

One thing everyone is sure of, Wall Street has been occupied, and this movement, along with the general assembly is gaining popular support. Independent and social media now get to try on their big boy pants, because to deny this is happening any longer , or to write it off as too unorganized to be a force would be foolish,….I hope. I just know that when I saw my fellow protestors singing along as they watched Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel play acoustically on the steps into the occupied Zuccotti park I felt the goose-bump tingle that I was watching a beautiful historical moment at the beginning of a revolution unfold; the March to and the feeling in Foley square were imbued with a similar spirit; and that was the most uplifting part, that most of the active participators in the feel as if they are part of the revolution.

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