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As Egypt burns,….

As we watch the pictures streaming live from Al Jazeera of the burning of the Egyptian Democratic party head quarters burn, and, as far as we know, the military is standing with the people, to protect an Museum of antiquities, looting or fire, while at the time of writing a curfew hangs over the city of Cairo, as the lights are out on the internet, and rubber coated steel bullets are being pulled from the bodies of protesters.

As an American, I fear for Justin Beiber, or maybe lady Gaga; I mean, who else could die mysteriously and divert enough attention away from the type of pictures which are coming out across the Al Jazeera wire. These are not your mothers fox news pictures, not yet at least,…. but who could not, if only, watch as such harrowing images spill out from the country; if not feel, and be moved by empathy for those in the streets; including the military.

The military, at this point, appears to stand with the people, and can be seen waving freely back and fourth with the protesters on the live feed; and what relief those images bring, for it is a different kind of sick you feel when you think of a soldier, as opposed as a police officer, wielding not a club, or jurisdiction, but the entire arsenal on its citizens.

As of now, there has been first mention of comment from the speaker of the house; the first acknowledgments from the President Mubarak ruling party; will report back. *

My heart hangs for the violence, while my spirit is ignited by the passion which drives an individual into the street, to protest with their presence, in the face of tyranny, injustice, and undue control.

*”there is a fine line between chaos and freedom” Says president Mubarak, before saying firmly that he understands the plight of the people, and isn’t going anywhere, though, however, tomorrow morning he will be disbanding the cabinet. Though, it is important to note, that in dictatorships, such as this, the President does assume the lions share of power.

At the moment of this update, from the people in the streets of Cairo, over the AlJazeera live feed, are chanting “Down with Mubarak.”

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